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Who We Are Where We Came From What to Expect


Where We Came From

Through the years GSI has enjoyed many successes – with a few bumps in the road as well like we all do. One of our favorite stories is also one of our first.

It was the summer of 1983. Preparation was underway for the installation of a mammoth sign on top of the Wachovia building in downtown Greensboro, NC. Wachovia was GSI’s biggest client at the time and you could feel the excitement. An audience of colleagues, clients and friends had gathered for the installation – including Rob, who was new to GSI at the time as a designer/draftsman (now owner/president). Rob had helped to design the structure – drawing out every angle and bolt in detail. A major intersection was blocked off in all directions and two huge cranes in the center of the intersection had the signs strapped down to a large flat bed trailer for off-loading.

As the crowd watched the crane begin to lift the huge sign, it became frightfully clear that one strap was not secured correctly. Before anyone could do anything the sign was lifted up on one end … keeled over … and fell sideways into the street! The noise was tremendous with aluminum and steel hitting the street and neon glass breaking into a million pieces and rolling down the street.

But despite this misfortune and being new to the business, we moved forward and Rob had a vision for the future. By the summer of 1989, he bought the company and became President.

GSI only had 12 employees in 1983; we now have 25. Yet some of the same principles Rob learned and benefited from back in the summer of 1983 are still at the forefront of what GSI is all about today.

What to Expect

“GSI’s strategic goal is to provide quality signage products & services for niche markets. To create a place where there’s an opportunity for anyone who has the passion and commitment to learn and grow to fulfill their potential and dreams, both professionally and personally. To exceed customer expectation through attentive interaction, superiorly designed products and motivated professionals.”

– Rob Kisstoth