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Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA

The Sheraton LAX is one of the most visible hotel properties in the world — easily spotted as you are flying in or out of the city.

Tasked with updating the exterior brand signage, GSI quickly set about redesigning the exterior Sheraton Crest and Letterset to meet new brand standards that would help maintain this important recognition. The multifaceted details of this project started with coordinating a technical site survey and thorough code research to ensure city guidelines and restrictions were met. Once designed a thorough review including a pre-inspection and technical engineering for attachment methods and safety was conducted prior to final permit acquisition. All critical steps toward actual fabrication and installation.

LAX is a prime example of the type of teamwork and communication that ensures every detail results in seamless execution and client satisfaction.


October 2017


Exterior Signage


Brand Standard Design, Technical Site Survey, Code Research, Engineering, Permitting, Fabrication, Installation

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