Sheraton Signage According to Merriam-Webster the definition of high-rise is “being multi-story and equipped with elevators.”

Sounds simple enough. But when it comes to installing an exterior sign at the top of that high-rise, it often can be a different story.

Lucky for us we had beautiful weather with no high winds the day we were scheduled to install at the Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles. At a significant height of 15 stories, standing on a swing stage (basically just a “little ledge” no matter how expertly executed) might have been a little scary!

Our task at Sheraton LAX was to update the exterior high-rise letters and Sheraton crest to meet new brand standards as required under a Marriott property improvement plan (PIP). In order execute with precision many critical steps needed to be met. At GSI we understand the importance of these steps in every sign project. A thorough site survey, code research to ensure city guidelines are met, engineering for wind loads and attachment methods and permitting play into the seamless execution of a successful project.

One thing that is never overlooked is safety and it was of utmost importance at LAX. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has very stringent guidelines for securing the staging equipment along with engineering the attachment method of the sign. To ensure these guidelines were met, GSI’s team of experts started by coordinating a Davit survey – an inspection and certification that the crane-like devices used to support the installation platform met all security/safety guidelines.

While the acquisition of necessary permits can often be a challenging and a time-consuming part of the process, thorough code research to understand city requirements and having the foresight that it often is a lengthy process is critical in planning. Case in point, permitting in Los Angeles can often take about 4 weeks. A pre-inspection of the letters was required, adjustments made as necessary and attachment engineering reviewed.

The myriad of multifaceted details like these are all coordinated by a dedicated GSI Project Manager who keeps our clients up-to-date every step of the way.

GSI service offerings involved:
* brand standard familiarity
* design
* city code research
* technical site survey
* permit acquisition
* fabrication
* UL approved certification
* project coordination
* shipping logistics
* installation

Did you know Sheraton LAX is one of the most visible hotel properties in the world – you see it immediately flying into the city!